Kraftwerks- & Anlagen-Engineering
Safety. Quality. Know how.
We plan facilities!
Sophisticated. Reliable. Individual.
We plan facilities!
Nuclear power plants. Conventional power plants. Heat recovery. Chemistry/Petrochemistry.

Safety by ideas

The company KAE – Kraftwerks- und Anlagen Engineering GmbH – was founded in 1992 by a team of committed specialists from the field of nuclear energy. The consolidated knowledge in fluid- and thermodynamics, structural and stress mechanics as well as the many years of experience with project handling and refitting numerous nuclear power plants by the team is a guarantor for our qualification. KAE is a real “think tank” providing optimal, safe and at the same time creative problem solving.

A flat hierarchy for your success

Since the establishment in 1992 we have been worked on numerous projects in the field of power plants. Conceptions and arithmetical proofs of large projects were carried out competently, quickly and cost-efficiently by our team. Beside these large projects we also realize individual tasks like e.g. arithmetical fluid- and structural proofs, optimization of valves, FE-calculations and so on. Short internal communication channels make it possible to define suggestions quickly and effectively. Because of the use of the latest software and the many years of experience this leads to optimized individual solutions with minimized costs of hardware. Last but not least these in every way effective method of operation have made our team the first choice for our customers.

Brilliant simple for your wallet

It is often the simple things, which one is thinking last or not at all. Due to the fact that we are an independent and autonomous team we are not indebted to any manufacturer of hardware. Therefore we can respond to your tasks dynamically and flexibly. The individual solutions developed by us are specifically suited to the respective problem. According to our experience it has furthermore the advantageous effect that our solutions can be carried out effectively and logically simple and therefore they are cost-efficiently. Last but not least it is the variety of projects that makes our work diversified and interesting and that provides you an always motivated team of engineers and technicians of different ages with both fresh ideas and also with many years of experience.

Quality by knowledge

A main part of the philosophy of our company is it to comply with the quality demand of our purchasers and to document this. For this we have introduced in our company a quality assurance system which lives actively and are improved permanently by regular audits and certification (KTA 1401, DIN EN ISO 9001). All of our staff is accordingly qualified for the confronted tasks by an appropriate education, professional training and/or experience. In order to keep the staff up with the state of the art of science and technology all staff are educated permanently. Because of a healthy age structure of our staff – from young to experienced – and an well organized team work a know how transfer to future generations is ensured.