Flow and thermal calculation of a ICE-switch cabinet


For an ICE cabinet, the temperature and velocity distribution of the cooling air shall be calculated.

The calculation is used as basis for the design of the cooling of the cabinet and the cabinet door.


Drawing up a 3D model and taking into account the boundary conditions.

Determination of

  • temperature profile inside the cabinet
  • required air volume flow
  • power of the air cooling
  • switching time of a signal transmitter at a temperature jump

Consideration of the module's power loss, ambient heat emmission and heat absorption by mass or air inside the cabinet.

Evaluation of results and documentation.

Technical specification:

• air-inlet-temperature 28 °C
• max. air-outlet-temperature 40 °C
• heat loss 1410 W
• heat through front door 130 W
• air volume inside cabinet 0,45 m^3
• cabinat mass incl. modules 250 kg
• thermo switch range 43 ± 3 °C


Siemens AG / Automatisierungstechnik

temperature profile (inner backside)