FSI-calculation of a pool cooler in case of earthquake excitation for NPP Beznau

Problem description:

Determination of the loads on a pool cooler induced by earthquake acceleration and pressure waves in case of earthquake.


Drawing up a 3D model of the pool cooler and the surrounding water.

Excitation of the pool walls and the supports of the cooler with a predetermined acceleration-time-distribution.

Determination of unsteady

  • Pressure distributions on the cooler
  • Displacement, velocity and acceleration distributions of all nodes of the cooler
  • Support forces and moments

Consideration of two-way interaction (FSI) between the cooler and the surrounding water.

Technical specification:

Geometry of the fuel storage pool  9.9 m x 7.2 m x 8.6 m
Geometry cooler 4.4 m x 5.4 m x 0.4 m
Cooler weight 8600 kg



Pressure distribution in a xz-plane
t = 8.43 s


Pressure distribution on the front and back
t = 11.76 s


Maximum integral fluid force on the cooler 800 kN
Maximum support force ± 915 kN