Retrofitting Projects

As a specialist for retrofittings in nuclear power plants we offer you our comprehensive support on the performance of completbae retrofitting projects, e.g. the realization of demands on a periodic security check (PSC), the replacement or retrofitting of systems and so on.

Our independent work makes it possible to plan cost-efficiently and deviating to standardized planning to create also unusual but effective solutions in your interest without any commitment to suppliers. These individual and creative solutions leads opposite to standard solutions to considerable cost savings.

Project schedule

The realisation of the suggested solution is ensured by feasibility studies before making the VPUs (preliminary papers). Based on the feasibility studies we generate a hard- and software conception matched with your situation.

Subsequently a fluiddynamical optimization of single components, e.g. armatures, is carried out if necessary in order to reduce the loads from fluiddynamics.

After that the concept of attachments is optimized with the aim to minimize the number of attachments and the integral loads on the building. Thereby it is striven to hold the stress level in the components low.

Parallel to the arithmetical proof papers we generate preliminary papers and file it to the evaluator. Beside the usual fluid- and structural proofs we also generate all single proofs as well as proofs of components, functional proofs, fatigue analysis, proofs of stability, statics of attachments, statics of platforms and proofs of anchor bolts.

After a positive statement of the evaluator the installation is made.

By approval of the installation the documentation of the as-buillt-deviations with its evaluation is made.

We ensure you a constructive and fair cooperation with all partners.

Turn our know-how into your advantage!