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Earthquake capability for all safety-related(SiWi) Systems


  • Optimising pipe support concept (Minimizing the  number of supports => Minimizing Hardware effort)
  • Renovation concept for the pipeline and component supports(new constr., modifications, removal)
  • Planning and site supervision for the hardware measures

Proofs and Documents:

  • Calculation of all Pipe Systems
  • Static proof of pipe supports
  • Proof of stability for Components (vessels and  pumps)
  • Proof of structural Attachments (anchorage proof)
  • Strength Assessment of Containment Penetrations
  • Assessment of Valve Functionality
  • Creation of drawings, bills of material und design review documents



  • Number of Systems 29
  • Number of Valves 456
  • Number of Vessels 38
  • Number of Pumps 32
  • Number of Pipe Supports 2230
    from that with design review documents 1450
    Anchor plates 2740
  • Proof reports in total 378
    (without Pipe Support Proofs)
  • Duration of the Project 2004 – 2008


All works where conducted during Plant Operation.