Earthquake retrofitting of the H2-leading attendant facilities of a generator


To finish open points in a periodic security check (psc) the H2-leading attendant facilities of a generator (gas-drying apparatus, CO2-supply, H2-aggregat, storage room aspiration and SP-sonde) are retrofitted against earthquake. For this belongs beside the actual earthquake retrofitting also an EK2a-consideration. At the same time system changes (Integration of a double gas-drying apparatus, construction of automatically argon neutralization, change of SP-sonde and storage room exhaust blower) with ATEX-conform components and aggregates was performed.

Gastrockner_alt Gastrockner_neu
Picture 1 ST13/23-sytem with single gas-drying apparatus Picture 2 new double gas-drying apparatus with security frame



An earthquake retrofitting of all of the H2-leading attendant facilities of a generator means at first a design of the piping system against earthquake (classification in earthquake class EK1). Additionally it must be ensured, that adjacent systems and components (the “suspects”) not designed against earthquake (earthquake class EK2) do not drop and damage the H2-system (the “victims”). This is investigated in two steps in an EK2a-consideration. In the first step in the presence of an evaluator an EK2a-inspection is done to determine all potential “suspects”. In the second step the treatment of these “suspects” is made either by a complete earthquake design or by a breakdown analysis in the case of an earthquake with eventually resultant catching and protection device respectively. In the most cases a breakdown analysis of the suspect systems makes sense for minimizing of the costs of hardware. Hereby it can be shown, that suspect systems don’t hit the victim pipes or they only hit them with weak load.

VE1112_taeter Picture 3 suspect systems for ST12-Argon on the -5 m floor in the power house



Subproject Pipe in m number of weld seams number of supports protection device
New construction reconstruction number of structural attachments MSH-profile in m number of structural attachments
double gas-drying apparatus 34 104 13 - 1 25 9
argon neutralization 60 175 41 8 45 50 8
H2-aggregation 9 30 4 - 7 8 14
SP-sonde 10 200 10 - 2 - -
SQ-blower 6 40 18 - 21 - -


  • Structural-dynamic calculations 6
  • EK2A-considerations 11
  • Single proofs 12
  • Fabrication isometric drawing (as-is analysis) approx. 350
  • Support drawings/statics 41
  • proofs of anchor bolts 76