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Proofs of anchor bolts

The quality of an attachment design depends heavily on the structural attachment – generally anchor bolt connections – and its load transfer. Therefore we already check the load transfer of the structural attachment loads in the planning phase of an attachment design by the anchor bolt connection.

For the manufacture of structural attachments are often used groups of two or four anchor bolts on an anchor plate. On the anchor plate the steelwork – the attachment design – is fixed.

Typically, the following fixings are used:

  • expansion anchors
  • undercut anchors
  • through wall anchors
  • concrete anchor/GEWI anchor
  Picture1 Attachment with 4 bolts Hilti HDA-T M12

The proof of anchor bolts is provided according to the current standard like ETAG and dIBt-guideline. Basis therefore is the corresponding official technical approval of the anchor bolts. For greater planning security in the planning phase drilling tolerance fields are taken into consideration in the proofs. In conjunction with load precaution in the statics of attachments a capacity utilization reserve in the structural attachment is available, which also tolerates larger rescheduling due to imponderables (e.g. reinforcement hits) and positioning mistakes (e.g. unallowable sleeve countersinking).

Your advantage: Shorter assembly times by fast evaluation if planning is changed.


Picture 2 Schematic diagram of an anchor bolt Hilti HDA-T